October 21, 2021

Exploring the core challenges in Cybersecurity

Leaders of Tech hosted an expert panel to discuss the hot topic of #Cybersecurity and the challenges companies face in protecting their organisations against the growing threat of #cyberattacks.

We had Tech experts in this industry exploring key initiatives and best practices in this area.

It was a brilliant event and thank you so much to all our panelists who provided very valuable insights.


Darrell Flinn – Head of InfoSec and Technology, Revolut

Darragh Mooney – Principle Security Engineer, Yapstone

Colm J. Hyland – Programme Lead, CyberQuest

Stefania Lauciello – IT Security & Risk Manager, Interactive Brokers

With MC Ian DonnellyMason Alexander

If you missed out, you can watch the full webinar below –

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